Welcome to Praxsoft

Control & Information Systems Specialists Praxsoft provide complete IT Solutions for businesses in the Yorkshire area. The service is aimed at SME's where the cost of a full time IT department would be un-economical.

Total Support

As a client of Praxsoft you will benefit from:

  • Remote and on-site IT support depending on your needs. We can fix any issue on your network from our offices, speeding up response time and ensuring you do not waste valuable down time. Equally, our technicians can be on site quickly to deal with other issues.
  • Software developed to fit your exact requirements rather than a package that is not quite right.
  • Peace of mind that your IT requirements are being dealt with in a timely, professional and cost effective manner.
  • Real-time monitoring of your network. This means that if our clients have a problem, more often than not we know about it and can fix it before they even know that it is an issue.
  • Access to a supportive and qualified IT department to work with your business.

We work with organisations accross Yorkshire providing both IT support services and bepoke software development. We also work with a number of schools providing various teaching aids and Netsupport products.

Contact us to learn how we can cost effectively support your business.

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